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Olympic Time


Have you been watching the olympics? We have really been enjoying them. I always like to watch, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. The ice dancing was really nice and the snowboard racing was fun too.

What is your favorite event?

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Sad Bronco Fans

Well, it is a sad day for Denver Bronco fans as our team lost the Super Bowl yesterday. But, true fans, like my brothers still love their Broncos no matter what.

Looking forward to next year!

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Super Bowl

Today is the big Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos.


My brothers are ready for it to start. We know grandpa would have loved all this exitement that has been going on with his favorite football team. This should be a good game.

I’ve been working on some snacks for the guys.

WP_20140202_005[1](That watermelon is supposed to be a football helmet, but I think it looks like a cheap spaceman’s helmet.)

All the girls are headed to grandma’s, away from the craziness. :)


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I am sick.

I came home from work on New Year’s Day and was so worn out (I had to work extra because people called in and said they weren’t coming) and very sore. The next day I woke up with a cough. Coughs are never good news for me and always turn into something big. So, I went to the doctor. She said it was just a virus and sent me home. Well, I’m still having a very hard time and not enjoying it at all. I lose my voice and it really makes work hard when part of your job is to answer the phone. I hope this doesn’t last too much longer.

I am also sick of seeing this same old snow. It is the same snow that fell back in November and since it has been around so long, it is frozen and dirty and just icky. I am ready for spring.

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Another Year Has Begun


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December 25th


I had another day of work at the nursing home today. It was really quiet because so many people had gone with their families. The facility worked hard to make it a festive day with special meals and gifts for the residents that had stayed. We all got a small gift and some candy too, so that made it really nice.

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It’s Official

Wow, it is official I am a Certified Nurse Aide in the state of Colorado. I took the test this morning and passed! I was very surprised we got our scores right away. I expected it would take at least a week to know. This is nice because it saves a lot of time wondering if I passed. Half the test is written and the other half is a demonstration of skills. The skills part is the most nerve-racking. I prayed a lot before the testing and during. I am very thankful to be finished with it and not have to retest on anything.


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Knee Surgery

Dad went into the hospital for knee replacement surgery yesterday.


I was pretty nervous waiting for the doctor to come out and say it was over. But, he soon did, and dad made it through the surgery well.


He has been trying to get some rest. They have already come in to start getting him up to walk. I mostly wander around the hosptial and play on the internet. Candy Crush keeps me busy. :)

Surprisingly, the food here is pretty good.


This is my lunch. A cheese quesadilla, corn, salad, mashed potatoes, chocolate pudding and Dr. Pepper. Yum.

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Thanksgiving and a New Job


I started working at a new job today. Well, a new part-time job, I’m not leaving the ol’ university. I am working as an as needed nurse assistant (a prn C.N.A. in the biz) at a local nursing home. It was so hard. My feet are killing me. It was a good day to start on the floor because it is a big holiday and some of the residents were out with their families. I guess it was more my second day since I had a training day a few weeks ago. I can’t work much since I already have a full-time job, but I thought I could help out on holidays and Sundays. We’ll see how it goes. It might be too much for me, or I might not be as much help as they may need.

My shift is 6am-2pm. That was a little difficult with the snow we got. The roads weren’t good. At least nobody was out driving besides me. :)  The other C.N.A.s I was working with were really nice and very helpful to me. I wish I weren’t so slow.


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