Heros of Our Faith

Please join me in watching this awesome looking series.

The Heroes of Faith

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What a Difference a Day Makes


Well, we did get that snow I mentioned yesterday. It isn’t much and it isn’t super cold so I guess it is ok. It is a very wet snow so it would make a good snowman. The blue sky is starting to peek through now and the news said it would get up to 47 degrees today. So, I guess that is the best kind of snow day. :)

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This winter has been pretty unusual, it has been kinda warm. Can you believe it? I can’t and I’ve been here to see it. Especially the last few days have been in the upper 50s. That doesn’t happen this time of year in the old valley. Unfortunately, my office is still like a refrigerator, so I still have the heater on and many layers of clothes. Oh well, at least I can go out at lunch and enjoy some sun.  I know we are probably in for a few more snow storms and cold nights before winter comes, but for now I’m just going to enjoy this taste of spring.


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It’s a Wonderful Life

This weekend I got to spend Sunday afternoon with my sister and nephew seeing a play.


It was really good. I didn’t know what to expect from a “live radio play” I worried they might just sit there and read the story. But, no…I was really surprised.



Since we couldn’t take pictures during the play, I saved these from the Adams State Facebook page.

I am glad they invited me along, it was a great afternoon.

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Yesterday, I got to post on my Grandma’s new book. That was a special post in two ways since it turns out that is was also my 500th post! I had no idea I had that many posts. Well, it does help inspire me to get back to more regular posting and not have a few months between posts. I might even try to fill you in on what all was going on during that time. :)

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The Last Apple on the Tree

I am very happy to announce my Grandma has written an awesome BOOK!!


Obviously, I think it is great, but I am sure you will too. Here is the description from the back cover:

It is 1934, and Mary Elizabeth Barrett is the youngest of four growing up in Benkleman, Kansas. In a town where there are few secrets, it is quite a surprise when her father, George, uses his wife’s jelly-making money to buy a secondhand touring car and announces they are moving to California. Despite his wife Ruth’s protests, the touring car is packed in a week’s time. Whether they like it or not, the family is on their way to a new beginning. Five days later, after the family stops in Minton, Colorado, for lunch, Mary Elizabeth’s father hops in the old touring car and tells them he will be right back. While the sun lowers in the sky, Ruth finds a note from George in her pocketbook, telling her that although he has decided to head to California alone, he will be back to get them all eventually. With just over one hundred dollars to their name, Ruth and her four children make a decision: they will stay in Minton. As Mary Elizabeth and her family begin anew, they soon realize that happiness comes in the simplest of moments as they learn to look at challenges as stepping stones and face the harsh reality that George may never return. The Last Apple on the Tree is a story of trials, perseverance, and family togetherness as a mother and her four children find beauty in their own little garden of life.

It is so much fun to see this book listed on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Grandma, I am very proud of you and so glad you were able to accomplish this.

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Good Advice


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Olympic Time


Have you been watching the olympics? We have really been enjoying them. I always like to watch, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. The ice dancing was really nice and the snowboard racing was fun too.

What is your favorite event?

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Sad Bronco Fans

Well, it is a sad day for Denver Bronco fans as our team lost the Super Bowl yesterday. But, true fans, like my brothers still love their Broncos no matter what.

Looking forward to next year!

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Super Bowl

Today is the big Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos.


My brothers are ready for it to start. We know grandpa would have loved all this exitement that has been going on with his favorite football team. This should be a good game.

I’ve been working on some snacks for the guys.

WP_20140202_005[1](That watermelon is supposed to be a football helmet, but I think it looks like a cheap spaceman’s helmet.)

All the girls are headed to grandma’s, away from the craziness. :)


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