Well, there is snow, but not in our little Colorado mountain valley. In fact, it has been unseasonably warm here…it was 63 degrees on December 30th!

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No, the snow has been in the south. Yes, even Florida has had cold weather and even a snowstorm.

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All across the southern United States there has been very cold temperatures, ice and even snow. What a strange winter season so far.



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Professor Lars Hennessey

Please meet Professor Lars Hennessey. He is a Beta fish and my new office pet. It is nice to have someone to talk right on the desk everyday.


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Spring is here

Springtime is arriving in our little valley. We have had some very nice warm day. Of course most of those days are spent in my office. We have also had a lot of wind. That is just what happens in the spring here…WIND.

There are green buds starting to appear on the trees. It seems pretty early to me. We did get a lot of warm weather very early on this year. It is always nice to see spring come again.

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Lobster Bisque

This always makes me smile.

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My Grandma


Today I lost my best friend, my grandma. She has been very sick with pneumonia since at least December and we tried everything we could think of to help her feel better. She had to go into the hospital twice.


Grandma was the one that always knew how to have fun. She had way more energy than I ever had. I am very blessed to have her because she was the best grandma anybody could have and I will miss her very much.

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Merry Christmas

Well, there I go waiting too long between posts again. I have a lot of things to post about but it has been busy. I hope I will get to get some things up in the next week or two. Until then I wish you Merry Christmas!

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Veteran’s Day



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Sesame Street

Today is the 47th anniversary of SESAME STREET!!!!! I always loved that show, how about you? Here are a few clips to enjoy, but there are so many more good ones to choose from on YouTube, check them out on the Sesame Street Channel.

Congratulations, Sesame Street!!

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Answered Prayers

This week at work has been a busy one. That’s nothing new, but this time of year is usually my slower time and I use it to catch up on things I’ve fallen behind on. Unfortunately, this year there have been some circumstances that have caused things to really get crazy.

I have had a mountain of papers on my desk that need entering in our database. I set a goal of how much I wanted to get through this week and I started off slower than I wanted. Then on Thursday, my neck and shoulders hurt really bad and I just couldn’t concentrate. I said a prayer and asked God to help me figure out how to get rid of that pain so I could get work done. Almost immediately, the pain eased up, it didn’t go all the way away, but I felt much better and got a lot of stuff done.

Thursday night I prayed and thanked God for helping me that way and prayed about all I still had to get done. Today, I still wasn’t feeling too good, but God helped me stay focused on what I was doing (this can be really hard for me some days) and I was able to finish up my entire goal with a half hour still left in the day and so I was able to get another big stack of things done!

I think sometimes I forget to ask God to help us with stuff like this. Sometimes it seems like I shouldn’t because there are bigger, more important things going on in the world. With all the craziness I see on the news everyday, why would God care if I got my paperwork done for the day or not? But, HE DOES! He wants to help us with little things as well as big things and I am soooo thankful for that. I couldn’t have gotten everything done with out His help.

So, I hope that you and I will both remember that God is there for us always big problems and small, good times and bad. He loves us and is ready to help.


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