Last week I had to make a quick day trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an appointment. It was a beautiful, warm day and I only got lost twice.🙂  I also got a chance to make a couple extra stops. Here are some pictures from that trip.


After about two hours of driving it was time for a stop. We chose Blake’s Lotaburger in Espanola, NM. For breakfast they served breakfast burritos. Mine had egg, cheese, fresh tomato and fresh Hatch green chile. It looked really good, but for me the chile was too hot. I don’t handle spicy very well so for most people it probably wouldn’t be considered to be as hot as it was for me. But, if you like the spice I would recommend trying this burrito because all the ingredients were fresh and it looked great.


After that, we drove past Santa Fe. When we made it into Albuquerque we found the place where I had to go to my appointment then took some time to run to Whole F20161013_125539oods since that is somewhere we don’t often get to go. Then we stopped at Taco Cabana for lunch. I thought the name sounded fun. It was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the flavor much. But they did have a lot of variet
y and a really cool salsa bar with all kinds of different salsas.

Also, look at the cool metal window awnings they had.
20161013_125536 20161013_125530

After that, we made a quick run by another place we don’t get to go to very often.


Yes that’s right, Krispy Kreme. I enjoyed the food I got here the best of the whole day.🙂

Then I had my appointment and we went home so here are some other pictures of the Sandia Mountains and Sandia Peak



And this is Camel Rock in Tesuque, New Mexico near Santa Fe.


It was a busy day and we were tired when we got home.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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Autumn Scenary


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Let’s Swim

In the area we live in we are lucky to have two hot springs pools. Both are very nice, warm and lots of fun. One is the Sand Dunes Swimming Pool. We don’t go to this one often mostly because it is about 30 minutes away but it is open year round so sometimes during my week off at Christmas, we will take a trip up there.


But “our pool” is Splashland.  It is only about 7 minutes away so we go there almost every day of summer. This year and last, they have stayed open on the evenings and weekends into about the middle of October (next Sunday will be the last day). It has been so nice and swimming is what we look forward to the most. 10171040_915469661800461_9088642744585763292_n

Both of these pools are GREAT and I highly recommend them to anyone traveling through the our valley.  So, next time you are in town, won’t you come swim with us?

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In honor of the Presidential Debate that is on I am posting this video that I watched instead.🙂

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Sabbath Ride

We enjoyed our Sabbath Ride yesterday, hope you enjoy it too!

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Concert Train

Recently I took a ride on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad with my sister and nephew.



This was a special train, part of their Mountain Rails Live concert series. That means we had a fun and beautiful train ride up to the top of the mountain and stopped at Fir, Colorado.



Here we stopped got off and were able to eat lunch and attend a concert.


The concert we saw was Shenandoah, a country group we have enjoyed for a long time. (The band rides on the train with you.)


It was a really good concert and the weather outside was beautiful.  We had a great time and also got to see some nice scenery on the trip  up and back.







If you have a chance to take a ride like this I highly recommend doing it.


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American Ninja Warrior


Tonight is the Las Vegas Finals of American Ninja Warrior. Have you seen this show? If you haven’t you should. It is so awesome to see the ninjas (both men and women) compete on super hard obstacle courses. These are some strong people! It would be so cool to be able to do that, but it would take me a billion years to build up to it.

My whole family like watching American Ninja Warrior every summer. And, luckily since it is hard to wait until next summer to watch again, they are filming the second season of Team Ninja Warrior!


This is different because it its two teams racing each other on the course. Both shows are fun and exciting to watch.

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Studio C

One of my new favorite shows. Is Studio C on the BYU channel. This is a fun sketch comedy show and the best part is that it is good clean humor. There are so many sketches that I love watching over and over that I will share with you, but today, since it is still Olympic time and so many countries are together, I will start with this one.


Oh yeah, they have a really fun theme song too.

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Summer Olympics


It is time for the SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES 2016!! Have you been watching? I have mostly been able to watch swimming and there have been some very close moments. Those swimmers sure can go fast. I also watched a little bit of the diving. I don’t know how they just jump from so high up, let alone adding in all the twists and flips. I guess that is why at am here watching and not winning any medals.🙂

Two students from the college I work at are also competing this year in the track and field events for the country of Surinam. I’ve never met them but it is really cool to think that there are people from this little college in Rio at the Olympics.

There is still a week to go so I know I will be watching, will you?

team usa 2016




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Colorado Day

colorado flag1

Today we celebrate Colorado becoming the 38th state! Colorado was admitted to the union August 1, 1876 and is the best state ever!



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