April 8, 2009 coloradogirl

Yesterday did turn out to be a really good day and today is going well also. I am so glad I hope it stays that way for the afternoon.

We were able to get out a big mailing in the office. I wanted to have it done a couple weeks ago and was starting to really worry that we weren’t going to have it out in time for the information to get where it needed to be. We were still able to get it to people a month before they need it, so that is good.

I am trying to find some cheaper car insurance. I think I have found 2 companies that would give me the same coverage for way less than I’m paying now. I need to do a better comparison tonight. I would like to figure this out this week. My current insurance is due in May and health insurance premiums at work are going up, so it is imporant to find other ways to save some money.

I’m trying to eat lunches that are a little healthier than I’ve been having the last few months. It is hard to find something, even a salad that doesn’t have meat in it. What I really need to do is put more effort into packing a lunch at home, that way it will be healthier and cheaper. But, since I didn’t do that today, I went to the store and found a nice snack pack of carrots and celery with a small thing of ranch dressing and some cheese cubes. That is much better for me than just some french fries. I also got some bananas because they help me feel less hungry.


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