August 3, 2009 coloradogirl

This weekend, we went out of town and I have tons of pictures that I want to post later, but for now, I will post the two I took on my phone of Sunday’s breakfast. We met up with some friends for breakfast at The Egg and I. We had such a good time, I wish we wouldn’t have been on a schedule to get back home because I would have liked to spend some more time with them.

I had a chocolate chip pancake. Yes, just one. It was huge! I didn’t even get it all eaten. This picture doesn’t even really show how big it was although it does show it covering the entire plate!.


Here is a picture of my husband getting ready to eat his breakfast. It is blurry because I tried to be sneaky and take it before he noticed. I made him sit through having his picture taken at the resturant we ate at the night before too, so I was trying to make this one painless. 🙂


I didn’t make my friends have their pictures done since they aren’t related to me. But, I should have snapped a few shots of their adorable baby girl.


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