October 5, 2009 coloradogirl

This very windy morning I was driving to work as usual. Right before I get there, there is a little bend in the road. Just as I reached this part of the road, a strong gust comes up and blows something off the trailer of the truck next to me. I was able to slam on my brakes and not hit it or get hit by anyone behind me. Just what was this trailer carrying? Why, it was four port-a-potties. Yes, I almost wrecked with an outhouse. Can you imagine trying to explain to my boss why I wasn’t at work, or worse, to the insurance company when I made a claim? Craziness. 🙂 The port-a-potty was then blown across the road missing any other cars and not causing anyone else trouble. So, it turns out to be a funny way to start the day and really get my blood pumping.


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