B.L. at the White House

November 3, 2009 coloradogirl

This week our Biggest Loser friends head off to the White House to do some cooking. That must have been a cool trip for them to take.

I am getting a little frustrated with everyone complaining that Daniel has already had his time on the ranch and needs to go home. Really he was only there a couple weeks that were split apart and the rest he did on his own. Maybe they are jealous he did so much on his own. I think his body has reached a plateau after losing so much and that is why he is having such low weight loss now.

It also bugged me that the blue team was so happy the black team would have to “shed real tears” over whoever they sent home last week. The blue team hasn’t experienced that yet so what do they care what the black team does. Seeing how Tracey is still there after all the blue teams talk of getting rid of her, they know it comes down to doing what you think is going to help your team the most. After that, I am hoping to see blue team get knocked down a little this week just to shake off a little of the attitude some of the members seemed to get this last week.


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