Things That Have Happened

March 22, 2010 coloradogirl

Last Friday was a very wintery day. We had quite a storm here and all got sent home from work early. Yay, that was just as fun as it was in school. 🙂 The last few days have been warm and sunny getting all that snow melted and the ground ready for the next storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Cold weather isn’t as bad when it is broke up with some warm weather.

I got a newer computer at work. It is a bit faster than my old one and doesn’t freeze up as much so far (I’ve only had it about half a day). So, I am hoping I will be able to really get a lot done this week. I was upset at not being able to get much done last week because the computer was frozen half the time. It is frustrating especially on those days when I have a lot of motivation. (That happens so rarely:))

I entered into the office basketball pool. I do every year just for something to do. I am in last place. I am there most every year. Why do I keep entering? I guess because it is fun to be part of something. Anyway, there is a chance that someday I could win, I doubt it though.


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