Thursday Things

April 22, 2010 coloradogirl

Thursday again and I am so glad because that means I am almost to the weekend. Yay! I am feeling such a burn out from this job and things get super busy and difficult this time of year which makes things harder to deal with. I’ve been doing the exact same work for all except the first six months that I have worked here for the past almost 9 years. I’m sure I will survive just like I have before. I am very grateful to have a job, especially one that is pretty stable and has pretty good insurance.

This morning it was discovered that someone had shot five deer here on campus. We have lots of deer around here, but it is so fun to see them out on the lawn. I think it is so stupid, whoever did it just left the deer here so it they were shot for no reason. I think it is one thing to eat what you hunt and another just to kill. This wasn’t really even hunting and, of course, it was way illegal because of the gun being shot in the middle of town. I think it is really sad.

Moving on to something better, today is my husband’s first payday at his new job. Woo hoo! We are thinking of going out to eat for a celebration. So far, he is really enjoying his job, although, it is taking some getting used to with such long hours and learning new things.

I think the trees know that it is Earth Day because some of them have decided to start budding. It is awesome to start seeing the little bit of green showing on the branches. The grass is also starting to really green up. Seems like this mountain valley has finally decided to let spring settle in.


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