Thursday Things

May 13, 2010 coloradogirl

Wow this has been a long week. One more day to go! Maybe summer will decide to come to Colorado soon and the snow will stop.

Last night, I went to take a bath and noticed a dead fly and a seemingly live spider in the tub. This leads me to believe there was quite a battle taking place while I calmly watched Minute To Win It. The fly was huge and the spider very tiny. I guess eight legs are better than six.

I have lost disk 2 of the second season of my Brady Bunch dvd collection. It is quite upsetting because I need a complete set. I love that show. I’m going to have to get out every dvd we own and see if it is stuck in with another movie. I hope I didn’t return it to the video store and it is sitting there feeling lonely and unloved, wondering why its episodes aren’t as worthy as those on the other 19 disks.


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