June 4, 2010 coloradogirl

Summer has finally come around. Of course we didn’t really get spring. We went right from snowy weather to 80 degree weather. It is nice to not have to wear so many clothes, not have to scrape the ice off the car in the morning and to open windows to let in fres air. Yay warm weather!

This has been a hard month at work and has had me in tears more than once. I keep praying about it and God does help me get through each day and He is helping me get things done. I know I couldn’t do it without His help and I am very thankful for it.

Today, my sister and I tried the new Mocha Frappe at McDonald’s it was quite yummy. I like it better than the iced latte because I don’t taste the coffee. I never want to taste the coffee, just the deliciousness mixed with it. 🙂

I found my Brady Bunch dvd. I am so happy. I was just about ready to order the second season again so I would have it. My Brady dvds are probably my most watched. I also finally returned dvds I borrowed from my sister over a year ago. Now, if my nephew will let her, she can watch a good movie too.

Speaking of movies. Last weekend my husband and I went to the drive-in. We saw Iron Man 2, which was a pretty good movie, but we haven’t seen the first Iron Man so I guess it could have been better if I knew more of the background.

Last weekend I also went swimming with my sister and nephew at the hot springs pool. It is always fun out there. Some lady stole our “noodles” when we stopped for a snack, and we thought we might have to get into a pool brawl, but she put them down and we got them back. Boy, is she lucky…ha ha ha!

I’m trying to think of something for us to do this weekend. I don’t feel like driving too far, but we usually have to drive at least an half hour to get anywhere interesting to spend the day. What are you doing this weekend?


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