I’ve Been Traumatized

July 2, 2010 coloradogirl

Last night, I went out to put my ducks and goose back in their pen for the night. The goose made me chase him in. I didn’t know why he didn’t just walk in like he did the night before. But then when I got out in the enclosed yard, I noticed movement in the grass. A SNAKE!!! I hate snakes! But now I was trapped. I know I screamed, but it wasn’t loud enough for anyone to hear and come rescue me. All I could think was how am I going to get out of here? I can’t be trapped in this fence with a snake! I thankfully saw a concreate block by the shorter fence and used it to climb out. I couldn’t climb over a fence without help. I ran inside and was shaking for about 20 more minutes.

The real thing was much more gruesome

I have managed to take care of things with the mice out there (another thing I hate), but I can’t with a snake. This weekend, my husband gets to feed and water the ducks and goose. And, he gets to mow all the grass around there. Lucky him. 🙂


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