Thursday Things

July 15, 2010 coloradogirl

Yay! It is Thursday. This has been one slow moving week. There isn’t a whole lot going on around here except for working. There has been talk going around that I may have to give up my office with its two wonderful huge windows. That makes me sad because I love the warm sun on my back in the morning and getting to look out over all the people walking around all day. The new office will be upstairs on the third floor. That kind of inspires a little bit of fear here in this building because half of the third floor is blocked off because the floors are too old and not structually sound. Engineers have checked out our side and we won’t be falling through (not right away anyway) :). The move makes sense to me, I just love my windows and hate to leave them behind. The windows upstairs are too high to look out of. I guess I’ll have to get some good posters that look like windows and hang them around. The move still isn’t set in stone, and it would take a little while to get the other office ready, so I will enjoy my windows and sunshine while I can.

Tonight, we have our employee picnic. I’m not sure it is going to go well. The person who is supposed to be in charge won’t do anything and I somehow see stuff really ending up with my sister and I doing pretty much everything. But, maybe things will change by then. I really hope more people show up than last year. We had rain before the picnic and it kept people away, the year before there was a ton of people.


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