Thursday Things

September 9, 2010 coloradogirl

Thursday came fast this week with the holiday on Monday. I’m pretty thankful about that because I have a cold and just want to sleep. I’m starting to feel better though, so there is another good thing for today. At least I’m able to get a little work done. Monday, I sat at my desk and mostly stared at papers in between sneezes and having to blow my nose.

We had a nice rain yesterday afternoon. We really have been needing it around here. With such a dry summer, I wonder what winter will be like. Ew…winter…I don’t like to think about that because even thinking about it makes me cold. And, as you all know, I don’t like to be cold.

We found another dead mouse this morning. We have been doing pretty well at being mouse free and then bam! I finally did my part in getting rid of it. Of course, I needed a long shovel to pick it up to carry out and throw in the field. I still feel a bit creeped out by it. I am still not brave and not awesome as far as the mice are concerned. 🙂

Our family has had 3 trips to the ER recently. Luckily, everyone seems to be doing ok now. Gma, Gpa and J1 I hope you all are feeling better soon!!!

I am going to have to set up a training at work. I need to show how a new part of our computer data base works. I have handouts half made, so I need to finish up and get a room to train in. Every time I try to do something like this the computers don’t work and I feel really stupid. So, I’m not looking forward to it too much.

Hmm, I guess things have been kind of busier than I thought out here in the middle of nowhere. I need a nap.


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