Thursday Things

October 7, 2010 coloradogirl

Hello! I really need to start posting things on days other than just Thursday, don’t I? Well, not this week. 🙂

Today, I sat at my desk when in walks a very tall blonde woman and a very short man in a top hat. It turns out that it was one the couples running for homecoming king (the blonde woman) and queen (the short man). They were wearing their costumes from the skit that they (and all other candidates for king and queen) had to put on last night. I didn’t go see them, but my sister did and said some of them were pretty good. I found out that staff of the college gets to vote too. So, I figure since these are the first people to tell me that in the nine years I’ve worked here, that is enough to earn my vote. I will have to get over to the voting booth soon.

While my sister and her husband were out at the “Medicine Show” watching the skits, my husband and I went over to babysit our nephew, Elvis. That kid is so much fun. I promised him pizza and pop, but he fell asleep right away. When he woke up, we played and he didn’t realize that he hadn’t had pizza and pop until I was about ready to leave. So, I had to leave him some.

I had my mid-year evaluation today. We changed a few of the goals because things have changed in the office some. Other than that, it went ok. I still hate them though.


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