Thursday Things

May 5, 2011 coloradogirl

This week has had a lot going on. First off, on Sunday morning Sheldon and I had been invited to a brunch with some friends from our church. They titled it a “Civilized Breakfast” and it was very nice. The tables were arranged beautifully, the food was really good and we were able to have a nice visit and get to know everyone better. I’m usually not a very social person and fell awkward at stuff like this, but I felt very comfortable and we had a great time.

Sheldon had gone out to take a walk by the local wildlife refuge and he found a tiny puppy on the side of the road. There was no where to take it on the weekend so he brought it home. We aren’t supposed to have pets in our apartment, so we had to hide her for a couple days until we found her a good home. I became very attached to that adorable little baby in those three nights and I really miss her, but I know that she was taken by a very nice couple that work at the college with me and she will be well taken care of.

Tuesday night my sister, my nephew, Elvis, my brothers J&J and I went to see Ben Roy’s Science Zone presentation. My brothers had seen him present a few years ago and enjoyed it. Afterward, we stopped to take a picture and Mr. Roy said he remembered my brothers from a few years ago. I thought that was pretty cool because I’m sure he sees lots of people. He had a great program focusing on science and how it shows God’s greatness. If you happen to notice he is having a presentation near you I would really suggest trying to get out to see him.


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