Thursday Things

June 2, 2011 coloradogirl

Welcome to June! The warm weather has finally hit, but with so much strong wind, it can’t really be enjoyed yet. June also means that our work hours are changed for the summer from 8-5 to 7:30-4:30. That isn’t much of a change, but I like it so much better and feel like I’m really getting a break by getting to go home a half hour earlier even though I’m working the same amount of time.

Last night, I was woke up at 10:20 pm to the sound of a concert and people cheering. It was coming from the college’s new football stadium which is about a 1/2 mile away. The new stadium has a really good sound system. I wouldn’t have been upset if this concert had started earlier and was just still going on at that time, but for it to just start that late was weird and annoying to me. I can’t imagine how the people who live right across the street felt. I know it hadn’t started earlier because I had been outside earlier and I was under the same open window just a half hour before and there was no noise. Oh well, I wasn’t awake too long and it sounded like the kids at the FFA convention (that is what the concert was for I found out) were having a good time.

My brothers reminded me that the National Spelling Bee is on today, so I have ESPN streaming on my computer at work so I can listen. I am not good at spelling, and I think it is so cool how these kids can figure out these crazy words.


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