Thursday Things

June 23, 2011 coloradogirl

Whew…it is hot today. I almost forgot what summer feels like. We haven’t had any rain yet this year and didn’t have much snow this winter so even though things are green, they don’t seem to have the same look to them as they have in the past. I figure everything is thirsty. It usually rains on the 4th of July and one year even caused the fireworks to be rescheduled, so maybe we’ll be seeing some moisture soon.

Last night, I made Spanish Rice for the first time. My mom always made it for us, I don’t know why I never did. So, I kept trying to picture what all she would put in. It turned out pretty good. Now that I’ve broken in that recipe we will be having it a lot more. We eat rice at least once a week, I am so glad I have a nice rice maker. I can just get it going and go off to do something else and not have to worry about it.

I’m trying to think of some new recipes to try out that won’t cost too much and are kind of quick to make when I get home from work. I looked for a book at the library for some ideas, but they didn’t have one. It is also very hard to find recipes without meat. It seems the vegetarian ones I find always include some super expensive ingredient or take all day to make. Anyone have any ideas?


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