Thursday Things

April 12, 2012 coloradogirl

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Thursday Things. First off, how are you and what is going with you these days?

Around here there is still much of the same, but a few things have come up. This year it has been unusually warm and the trees are already starting to bud. Wow, so early to see green! That is made extra nice by the large windows in my office that look out on some huge cottonwood trees.

I spend a good amount of my time entering contests and looking for freebies. I’ve done pretty well in the last couple weeks on finding stuff. In fact, just today my sister and I enjoyed a delicious free lunch starting off with coupons we had for free Burger King fruit smoothies or frappes.

We went with the frappes today, Kristin had caramel and I had mocha. MMMMM…..

Then we went over and picked up a free (thanks to a giveaway through Facebook) spinach and feta artisan pizza from Dominos.

We had thought of taking pictures ourselves of our free food, but we couldn’t wait to dive on in to devouring it. It was soooo good.

There is also a lot of stuff going on that I’ve really needed to pray hard over. As these things work out I will let you know.


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