Follow the Directions

November 1, 2012 coloradogirl

The other day we decided to work on some weather proofing of the house. There were some big gaps around the door to our back porch and it was decided the easiest way to fill them was to use some spray foam insulation. So, I grabbed the can and kind of looked at how to use it. I got the little nozzle and straw put on and went to work. The nozzle kept twisting off and foam would come out the bottom and get on my hands, but oh well I’ll clean it up when I’m done.

Finally, I used as much as I could, I think there was more in the can, but I couldn’t get it to spray out so I went in to clean up. We have a nice big sink in the laundry room which is good for this kind of thing. I started washing up and noticed how the top of the can said to always wear gloves. Well, that makes sense since it leaked so much, but really even if I read that earlier I probably wouldn’t have done it because I’m lazy that way and just wanted to get to work.

It was taking a little longer to clean up than I thought it would and as I washed I kept reading the can and saw the bold lettering that said DO NOT USE WATER. Uh oh. You are supposed to use acetone nail polish remover…ok, but wait I purposely bought non-acetone nail polish remover so that didn’t work and I think the water helped the foam to set up. So, I called for help and we tried oil, rubbing alcohol, turpentine and even toothpaste. Nothing worked.

My hands looked like I had some weird disease. I tried to avoid people at work so nobody saw them and asked questions. After a couple of days of picking at the foam, scrubbing my hands hard and putting lotion on, all the foam came off and my hands are back to normal.

This made me think, how often does something like this happen in other parts of life. Do we read our Bible and find out the best way to live life. If we do, do we pay attention and do what it says to do or not to do? Maybe in all ways we need to be better at following the directions


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