Answered Prayers

November 4, 2016 coloradogirl

This week at work has been a busy one. That’s nothing new, but this time of year is usually my slower time and I use it to catch up on things I’ve fallen behind on. Unfortunately, this year there have been some circumstances that have caused things to really get crazy.

I have had a mountain of papers on my desk that need entering in our database. I set a goal of how much I wanted to get through this week and I started off slower than I wanted. Then on Thursday, my neck and shoulders hurt really bad and I just couldn’t concentrate. I said a prayer and asked God to help me figure out how to get rid of that pain so I could get work done. Almost immediately, the pain eased up, it didn’t go all the way away, but I felt much better and got a lot of stuff done.

Thursday night I prayed and thanked God for helping me that way and prayed about all I still had to get done. Today, I still wasn’t feeling too good, but God helped me stay focused on what I was doing (this can be really hard for me some days) and I was able to finish up my entire goal with a half hour still left in the day and so I was able to get another big stack of things done!

I think sometimes I forget to ask God to help us with stuff like this. Sometimes it seems like I shouldn’t because there are bigger, more important things going on in the world. With all the craziness I see on the news everyday, why would God care if I got my paperwork done for the day or not? But, HE DOES! He wants to help us with little things as well as big things and I am soooo thankful for that. I couldn’t have gotten everything done with out His help.

So, I hope that you and I will both remember that God is there for us always big problems and small, good times and bad. He loves us and is ready to help.



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