My New Favorite Sandwich

A few months ago my sister told me about a sandwich they had at one of the coffee places in town. I have driven by that place many times, but never had gone in before. This is mostly because I’m usually not on that side of town until afternoon and that seems too late for coffee to me.

Anyway, one day my sister told me about this delicious sandwich called the “Little Hippy” and that I should try it and so I did. Wow, is it good, I have gone back several times just for this sandwich, I think they might be getting to the point where they know what I’m going to order when I walk in.


It is a panini with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cream cheese, onion, sunflower seeds, avocado and your choice of swiss, provolone or American cheese. You can have it on a bagel or flatbread. I have had both, but like the bagel best.

Where can you get this sandwich for yourself? It is at a cute little coffee shop called Blessed Brews. If you are in town, stop by.




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Office moving…again

A lot of changes have been going on around the ol’ graduate school lately. First off, back in January, I got a new boss. She seems really nice, thankfully. And then, we just hired someone to work with me. She seems nice too. I was really praying for good people to work with when I heard this all was going to happen.

With all of these new people, we need a space where we can work together. So, I am moving across campus. I am sad because I really like the people in the office I am in and the desk in the new office is pretty small. I’ve heard it might be a year and we would move again to a more permanent place. We’ll see what happens. It has all been pretty overwhelming.

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Spring is here

Springtime is arriving in our little valley. We have had some very nice warm day. Of course most of those days are spent in my office. We have also had a lot of wind. That is just what happens in the spring here…WIND.

There are green buds starting to appear on the trees. It seems pretty early to me. We did get a lot of warm weather very early on this year. It is always nice to see spring come again.

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Lobster Bisque

This always makes me smile.

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My Grandma


Today I lost my best friend, my grandma. She has been very sick with pneumonia since at least December and we tried everything we could think of to help her feel better. She had to go into the hospital twice.


Grandma was the one that always knew how to have fun. She had way more energy than I ever had. I am very blessed to have her because she was the best grandma anybody could have and I will miss her very much.

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Merry Christmas

Well, there I go waiting too long between posts again. I have a lot of things to post about but it has been busy. I hope I will get to get some things up in the next week or two. Until then I wish you Merry Christmas!

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Veteran’s Day



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Sesame Street

Today is the 47th anniversary of SESAME STREET!!!!! I always loved that show, how about you? Here are a few clips to enjoy, but there are so many more good ones to choose from on YouTube, check them out on the Sesame Street Channel.

Congratulations, Sesame Street!!

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Answered Prayers

This week at work has been a busy one. That’s nothing new, but this time of year is usually my slower time and I use it to catch up on things I’ve fallen behind on. Unfortunately, this year there have been some circumstances that have caused things to really get crazy.

I have had a mountain of papers on my desk that need entering in our database. I set a goal of how much I wanted to get through this week and I started off slower than I wanted. Then on Thursday, my neck and shoulders hurt really bad and I just couldn’t concentrate. I said a prayer and asked God to help me figure out how to get rid of that pain so I could get work done. Almost immediately, the pain eased up, it didn’t go all the way away, but I felt much better and got a lot of stuff done.

Thursday night I prayed and thanked God for helping me that way and prayed about all I still had to get done. Today, I still wasn’t feeling too good, but God helped me stay focused on what I was doing (this can be really hard for me some days) and I was able to finish up my entire goal with a half hour still left in the day and so I was able to get another big stack of things done!

I think sometimes I forget to ask God to help us with stuff like this. Sometimes it seems like I shouldn’t because there are bigger, more important things going on in the world. With all the craziness I see on the news everyday, why would God care if I got my paperwork done for the day or not? But, HE DOES! He wants to help us with little things as well as big things and I am soooo thankful for that. I couldn’t have gotten everything done with out His help.

So, I hope that you and I will both remember that God is there for us always big problems and small, good times and bad. He loves us and is ready to help.


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Last week I had to make a quick day trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an appointment. It was a beautiful, warm day and I only got lost twice. 🙂  I also got a chance to make a couple extra stops. Here are some pictures from that trip.


After about two hours of driving it was time for a stop. We chose Blake’s Lotaburger in Espanola, NM. For breakfast they served breakfast burritos. Mine had egg, cheese, fresh tomato and fresh Hatch green chile. It looked really good, but for me the chile was too hot. I don’t handle spicy very well so for most people it probably wouldn’t be considered to be as hot as it was for me. But, if you like the spice I would recommend trying this burrito because all the ingredients were fresh and it looked great.


After that, we drove past Santa Fe. When we made it into Albuquerque we found the place where I had to go to my appointment then took some time to run to Whole F20161013_125539oods since that is somewhere we don’t often get to go. Then we stopped at Taco Cabana for lunch. I thought the name sounded fun. It was packed and everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the flavor much. But they did have a lot of variet
y and a really cool salsa bar with all kinds of different salsas.

Also, look at the cool metal window awnings they had.
20161013_125536 20161013_125530

After that, we made a quick run by another place we don’t get to go to very often.


Yes that’s right, Krispy Kreme. I enjoyed the food I got here the best of the whole day. 🙂

Then I had my appointment and we went home so here are some other pictures of the Sandia Mountains and Sandia Peak



And this is Camel Rock in Tesuque, New Mexico near Santa Fe.


It was a busy day and we were tired when we got home.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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